Dear Career, I’ve spent years applying my effort to succeed in you. Yet my heart is only ever half in. I’ve allowed myself to loan money and money for my own education but my natural life education has given me so much more. I’ve spent many nights working on planning. Many family occasions missed due to my education or working in the education.

Where can I tell the people I love that I am not fully happy with the career I have committed too. The joy and proud faces of my loved ones, for a unhealthy, poor, dyslexic person I am to come this far. During the days, I ponder, imagine the life I could have writing my thoughts, poems, plays and stories. How can I let people down? I know that if they love me they will understand my choice. But what if I am just having a mid-life crisis? The soul that is going to be joined to mine by marriage knows that I not happy in life at the moment and I am not being true to myself or their soul by holding my pain in.

I want a family, house and for my souls not to worry.

But can I live with this pain of not being fulfilled in my career.

I hope to find a solution to be able to define you. I am strong enough to become myself. Pride of you does not define me, but I you. Growth mind set continue, may the path I take make my soul shine.

Til we speak again.