Spinning words round like you own them, trying

to get people feel bad for you, trying

to make others seem to have the problem.

I know the problem and I went and solved them.

pain from deep inside, twisted my light til it was broken and flickering

barely holding a dim gold in the dark, love and hope relighted the spark

Spark turned into shooting stars, until the big bang came from the relief

Relief of all the self hate, all the blame I placed on me

Child keep playing your games, as I didn’t need you to help raise the morals within

But know that when we past over and leave this world behind, the world will have to look hard for pure joy you created in others.

Spin on, spit the lies, but the truth of you in within my memories

the scars from past pain soothes the memories,

I forgive you for trying to hold on to the past,

but I shall not lie about the relationship that was never there

I wish you well and hope you see the light,

Thank you for my life you created, Thank you for giving me a father,

For that you will never be.

3rdofthe3rd Keep Smiling.