Love you’ve been around before I born

apology for the hearts I have scorn

I never meant to carry on with the pain.

But the buzz of love is the best feeling.

So I’ll call you up just for tonight, knowing tomorrow there’ll be

another by my side (Scared of true love to find me)

I can’t control my heart in anyway, as I can never get my heart to stay.

So bring me my pedals and I’ll ride ride ride to find another to be by my side.

Player, Heartless, Floozy, Tart, Prostitute, Names that give been given to me.

how can I be heartless when it beats so much, when I get that first touch.

I don’t get paid for my interaction, I only give you my time which is more precious than money.

I tell your heart whatever it desires, I let your dreams become free.

(Scared of true love to find me)

Maybe for a night, maybe for three. Three months, Three days, Three hours

Stabbing pain across my body from the pedals, down on to my knees, I look up in the darkness to diamonds in the sky.

Flashes of my life pass by, all the faces, all the tears, all the names shoot around my head.

My pleading heart begs me to listen as it ruptures to the ground,

salty flood marries the streaming blood on the ground.

I lost more than vital fluid that day, part soul flew away. How can I make amends to those beautiful hearts

I rang numbers left and right, absorbed the abuse and devoted apologises

Some wishing for another try in finding a heart within,

Eager to help their hearts heel, I agreed not thinking about me.

Twisted words plunged my heart and soul into an hopeful eclipse

Learning to know my soul again from the shadows of hope.

Starting to educate of the future I can have if I only

Let myself be found of true love  (still scared, but seeking)

3rdofthe3rd Keep Smiling.