Due to many factors that are out of our control we are seeking warmth and generosity of the people of the world. Me and my partner currently live in Manchester. At Christmas my partner lost their job due to the company moving to London. I’m currently on a teacher training year and all my hours working in a school I could not find a job to fit around those hours, sadly we had to use our £4.000 savings to pay bills for the 3 months my partner was out of work. My car that I use to make sure I can get to school broke and have to be fix. Both myself and my partner suffered personal loss through loved ones passing away. We are finally back to having an income that can pay the bills to keep us above the red but our dream wedding has had to take a lot of cuts. “Why not push the wedding back?” I hear you say, well my dad had a stroke before Christmas and he isn’t recovering liked we pray for. While my father can still walk I would like to have him walk me to my partner. We don’t have pictures to share because of my role in education. I hope you can find it in your heart to provide what little money you can to help us provide the wedding we have dreamed for. Love and Prayers from the hopeful Bride to be.

Please help us by sharing this post or providing help for our wedding.

Keep Smiling