I thought I’d share a part of myself with you all. My love of Harry Potter and family.

image (19)A picture from Harry Potter Studios in Watford. 3rdofthe3rd.

Dear Magic,

Some never find it, that feeling inside

Some seek forever to try and find

Expectations of how it will feel when found

splash the overwhelming joy to find that you are loved.

Light is all around us if you open your eyes

blue whisks with golden sparks as we succumb to love

spells from those who hold the heart strings instead of wands

Toads, black cats and owls guard our souls.

Toads are those who try to leap over obstacles to save you

Black cats are there to warn off those that try to cross your heart

Owls are there to hoot for joy when a string of your heart entangles with a star.

But magic I thank you for giving me light, hope and love

from the old love spell to the spell of the word

Cast away beyond where the eye can see

As magic is a feeling to set the soul free.


image (20)

A special message from my mother in my Harry Potter book for my 30th. 3rdofthe3rd.


Thank you for reading

Keep Smiling