engagement ring

Must be love

that makes us do this busy crazy day.

rubbing them two sticks to try and get enough money to eat.

Walking 6 miles a day to save money on petrol with two bags bigger than me.

Piles of files, lesson and sessions on paper fill our home.


Must be love

that makes us feel hope and joy.

extra money from banks and loans I don’t qualify,should I quit.

Just make it through these 6 months of hard stone times.

Selling the belongings that I hold dear just to pay for flowers and rings.

Must be love

that makes the breaking heart pain worth it.

balances in red and minus signs empty other thoughts

Holding off finding my wedding dress, 4months, 2months okay a month.

Nervous not about marrying my soulmate but not having our wedding happen due to money.

Must be love

that makes a marriage but money to make a wedding.


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Keep Smiling