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The voice of an angel with a heart larger than any star.

Sparks dim in the memory which we still hold dear.

Fear of your inner pain, your mind trapped in darkness.

Sing, Sing loud though the lost words

Round and round on my hand like it was when I was young.

When you hung on to my body as if it was the last time.

Those beautiful soulful eyes grasping my very soul each time.

Find peace we pleaded with you, every trip I kissed your head pray for your mind to return.

Blue was the last word you ever spoke to me, but sing on once more angel.

ten years trapped within your body passed when God called you to sing

We blow you kissed, remember the smiles and stories before your mind was missing.

Laying your body at one with your mind and knowing your soul will be forever singing.


This picture is where my Grandma’s body is at peace. She had dementia for over ten years. When she finally could not speak anymore, I thought that was it. But watching songs of praise one Sunday with her (still makes me cry thinking of it) she started singing full volume a hymn. She amazed me that day and I pray she would be proud of the woman I have become. I vowed from that experience to always smile in my adventures as one day I might forget them.


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Keep Smiling