When I can’t handle the stress having to write essays, I can’t help but find other things to research and I will search through the whole internet and start writing more of my books and less of the university papers that I should do. I know what I want to say in my essays and it will take me 2 hours to do but this is what I’ve been doing for two days….

  1. Look at how much flights are to Chicago from Manchester for next July.
  2. Look at houses around the countryside near Manchester knowing I can’t afford it yet.
  3. Look at how much Manchester United and other gigs are for presents for Christmas for other people.
  4. Cough as bad chest.
  5. Write 3 chapters of my book Curls (untitled so far but I call it Curls) by hand because I hate P.C’s and technology at the minute.
  6. download free games on my Xbox and play them for a couple of hours each.
  7. Send a gift down to my Auntie (not blood Auntie) who recently lost her husband.
  8. Call my mother to check up or her and my father (recently had a stroke).
  9. Check my Facebook on my phone and stroll down never posting (partner will know I’m not writing, DO NOT WANT TO BE IN DOG HOUSE)
  10. Cough as have bad chest again and should really go to the hospital.
  11. Look on trip advisor to see where we are going in October (Game of thrones partly filmed there).
  12. Read the news updates about pointless news.
  13. Read reviews on trip advisor to see where to eat near me.
  14. Cough as chest is getting worse.
  15. Finally Write on my blog but don’t post it.

Why aren’t I just getting my papers done! I am suppose to be working on my final University papers to be a fully qualified teacher to be able to teach across the world! I have to sort my head out or I won’t be able to move to another country one day and teach.

Fingers crossed I can find motivation to finish it by the weekend.


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