flesh engulfed in blushing hate

pulsing fast with every step

no escape from the fear the darkness holds

can you remember the love and how it felt

try to stream the multiple dreams of adventures before

a warmth flicker through the icy core

struggling to keep the darkness down               snap

snap snap there is no sound, no colour, no kindness

curling smaller in every second smaller

still and small I wait for no more.

One droplet from the tears of heaven opened the cracks of my eyes

still darkness holds me hear in the cell of the unbroken

two droplets fall onto my sore skin

a pinprick of warmth falls on my hand

holding my hand towards the sky of pitch black to show I still have hope

three droplets fall onto my face, salty air fills my senses

A small light appears and with that I know

hope saved my soul for my adventure has still far to go

though darkness may surround me

it will never define me

Keep Smiling