Of course I will help you,

Say no! you fool.

Yes i can take you home from your daydream time,

You’re tired from working all day.

Detour to get you some ice cream,

Don’t forget you need to go to the bank before 5.

Don’t worry take your time to decide a flavour,

I will only have to pay more money in.

I remind you of the duties I need to complete,

you just sit there in silence.

I burn within my skin with a force I wish to release,

your phone lights your face.

I drive you home safe and sound with no moaning from my mouth,

You just get out.

I drag myself out of the car too angry to sleep,

your phone to only sound to my drums.

I go to the bathroom, shut the door and place my heavy head in my hands.

Worthless feeling drowns my entire body, anger splitting through the worthless.

Open up the door to tell you how I can’t go on.

There you lay on the floor snoring and my worthless anger in gone.

If I can, I will and that should be all.

But sometimes a thank you can be worth so much more.


Keep Smiling