Overtime over time time over

I’ve tried to catch you when you are sailing on the shore line.

with a bucket and spade to cheer your sorrow

I cannot hold you forever my dear , but I will until my grip decreases

the files of the past tortures of finance, scratch the open wound from before

how much longer will money keep me open eyed and switched on.

Pride keeps me from losing hold of the work that is piling higher each day

can the ship sink with no water?

still the time smashes on through the closed bank balance

which is frozen and capped for the few

closing your eyes and the deep filled oxygen breath chokes you

that was too long to not be working.

slices of failure seep through the mind.

No more lacking of commitment, strong must be the voice within.

powerful waves of glory from others you help within the storm,

overtime will not help you torch the files of torture, but they do sooth the pain of money’s consistent scorn.


Keep Smiling