Can you hear me, I’m trying to tell you, that I love you.

Can you just slow down your thoughts, because I need you to see.

That not everything is all about me,

she held your hand when it was smelly and sticky with only god knowing what with.

she tendered to all your scraps and stubborn fights, if you were wrong or right.

in need of help, she was there to pay, support and care.

Along the way to find money is where we lost you there.

How can that boy be this man, who we see jetting around.

Where is your soul, can it still hear me, know I don’t agree with your type of love.

But I do know, I still love you.

I feel the pain she hides inside as she’s my person in life.

struggles she has weigh her down but she will never want for anything from you or I.

You take her willing money when she needs it more, I feel the pain coming when she is no more.

The guilt will eat away the light in you, but I pray everyday your soul will hear my tune.

As I may not agree with you for all you put her through,

Hear me now, I love you.

Keep Smiling


To my brother, who I love everlastingly.