forgiveness is not forgetting, forgiveness is saying “I refuse to let you hold back my light”

It will forever hold a pain that cuts and hurts you, that will never go away.

But you have the control to let more light in to your life to break the darkness and pain which is there.

I can now after 15 years break down the connection from the person to the moment, which allows me to not worry about seeing your face or hearing your name.

That moment hurts to think about the cold marble floor and the salty tears that fell. But you have no control over my pain, as you are just a person on this world, you have no claim of any part of me. It shall not define me, that one moment is not who I am.

I forgive you, but more importantly I forgive myself for the years of self hate because of that moment.

I choose to shine, you can do what you please.

But I’m forever choosing light and kindness.


Keep Smiling


From the dark days I lived as a teen and I refuse to let that define me.