It’s spreading all around me. it’s turning the surroundings into ash.

Taking over what I’ve built

losing all the good that I’ve found.

lost in the questions that are confusing the answers. turning my mind inside out.

How did this anger start? And how can I blow the flames out.

bursts of flames from the doubt, bubbling skin all over my body.

the referee starts the count. I fight to keep parts of me.

and my fists tighten and shake, lines pale and white.

plans of happiness and joy from being in love, all these feelings of completeness

seem to have burned up. my fingers are as black as coal, I pray by heart isn’t the same.

I know I love you deeply , like I know the sun will rise again.

I try to stop the burning pain that seeping from inside.

I think of love and the smiles we share, but I can’t shake this feeling that I’m not all completely there.

I snap, crack and heavily breathe over stupid things.

Then the volcano erupts making all hope subside.

I can’t control these harsh feelings. I keep snapping towards you.

I’m scared of what I have become, but I pray I make it back to you.

Ashamed for the pain I spark on you, I’m deeply sorry for this.

For now I will keep stepping in the fire of the room, until I find my way back to you.

Darkness has engulfed me but I keep seeking the light. As I know

one day I’ll see and feel life.



Keep Smiling