She smiles with a warmth loving kink at the end

Holds you in her arms as she is protecting you from the harmful world around.

A safe home she provides you, even if you do not live there

She will always answer your call even if she is washing her hair

Giving up her last penny with no second thought of her bills to pay

She doesn’t need food as long as food is in your belly

But what the world doesn’t see is the pain behind her eyes.

From the child who hides from her protection and caring love

still loving and showering the child in everything she can

How does a Mum not show her breaking heart?

In cracks of stories of past adventures a little tear starts to fall.

How can you bring the world of love and warmth to mend your mothers heart?

She is the sunshine in every part of me and now the sun is setting

I pray to whoever will listen, to bring me the horizon where the sun will rise again.




Keep Smiling.