You brought a child out of me, with the laughter you let me see

That family could work, that family was more than Christmas cards and birthday cards too

We threw family parties better than most, burning and breaking things as we go.

The friendship between you two, is magic and I wished for that.

I never will have it but I wish it for my own.

You two are like salt and pepper.

you two make us stick together.

I will never forget the times,

breaking down and smiling all the time.

cars, farms and love.

wedding cake and microwaves.

The spiders may take you away from us in person but you shall always be here in my heart.

for all the father figures growing up, showing that you don’t need money to live and love.

For all the Gibson in me, I thank you for being my mothers best friend from the beginning to the end

In your words, The next time I see you, you’ll be flying.


Keep smiling