Can you take a step      towards me, can you see the pain inside.

I can’t tell anymore     if I can keep this pain transparent

I’m losing ground on my dreams, every breathe is further away.

I close my eyes         I see who I want to be and I’ve lost my way.

I’m kind I hope to think that you will agree with me.

but I’ve lost my heart somewhere and my soul is everywhere.

As they are running maybe there with       you,

As I’ve gotten on the wrong path, as I      can’t feel

as I try to make sense of my    lack of senses

Can i truly be here again in the land of lost dreams.

Can I truly see myself slipping down in my    own life.

Can I be feeling that there is hope again.

round and round I step on and off with the hope light switching on and off.

can i help my words slip and slide back to the beginning.


Keep Smiling