I’m fighting back the swearing negativity shouting at me.

You sit and you write about hope, love and adventure yet…

Your losing the feelings and chances to have them all.

Choose the easier love which is fake from people you know have no soul.

Then break your heart again and again, thinking of the change.

give those around hope of something better in life, something pure

then smash your own hope with the wrong decisions in the road ahead.

Crushing and crashing to find your hoping on the driver to change the road

Money, throwing it around spending it on everyone’s fun and adventure

years going past and my future is growing short and full of pain.

When will this hurt be taken away? Stop swearing at me.

Listen to your light in this dark world.

Hold on to your own adventure do not let others slip you from your own path.

Love only started for me when I let myself love myself and muted the negative darkness.

Though I have a dark painful past full of heartbreak and negative hope

my present is full of adventure filled with love even if the hurt will never go away.


Keep Smiling.