I look around the world and I think are all humans equal?

That answer is no.

I want you to think about the bullet points below.


  • Are sports advertised the same way in all countries?
  • Can a man and woman sew or cut down the tree?
  • Are pink and blue for males?
  • Can a woman lead a group of men and be successful?
  • Can a man cry when they get stressed?
  • Can a man marry anyone over the age of 21?
  • Are the poor communities paying enough tax?

I don’t need to go into detail about them.

I know the poor communities in all countries are not treated the same.

I know that men and women are treated differently by all it is not just one sex.

Adverts are focused on specific groups, not all groups.

Love between two adults no matter what gender they have, if they have any, does it matter.

Have we ever been equal?

Will we ever be equal?


Keep smiling.