How can this be so hard to do.

It is more simple than even finding the words to say to you. You took my love and my trust in having a relationship and incinerated it all. The chances that I gave you made me look like a red clown for trying. It was a one-way relationship with you taking the most from being the driver and steamrolling my existence. Why is it so hard to press this button and end it all. The clouds forming over the trees darken the surrounding, I sit in a dim corner of the park with the distant ducks sounding the alarms of an unwanted human. Unwanted by all it seems to be, I lose grip for a second and it slips in my hand the firm cold metal, hard and staring at me. Egging me on to hurry up and press send. The sharp blade is placed on my white lifeless skin, which is cold from the rain beating it for two hours before. I’ve told you in my message how sorry I am for not making you happy and I shall not be in the way of your new friend any longer. This is it, I take my last big breath and move my finger over my phone covered in droplets of water.

Then it lights up with my friend’s face, straight away it is done, that feeling of nothing is gone. I answer the phone call and the blade hits the floor. “Hello, what you doing?” she asked. I never tell her the truth but I will never forget that day I nearly gave my life away for a person who didn’t deserve it. I will always be grateful for seeing that face.

Press the button to delete those who do not deserve our hearts.


Keep swimming and smiling.