Please do not take this the wrong way, but God and Jesus they listen. It is you and the light within your soul that clears the darkness away. It is you that is strong enough to show the love within yourself. It is you that is in control of your life, your time, your soul. It is always you. God, Jesus, Allah, Zeus they listen it is you who is the master of your fate.

Re-Think your opinion, God has left us with a lot of darkness and only a little light is left. We have love to light up and shine our way. Though your opinion might be the same as others, God will love each person the same no matter who they love. No matter what colour their skin, No matter the amount of love they show God will change that. But your soul should uplift love, even if you can not understand it. Let the light of love shine as much and as bright as it can for we have too much darkness and hate. It is for only God to judge me and compare my life to sin. God loves each of us, why cannot we show the same love back. Keep Smiling.

3rdofthe3rd Keep Smiling.