You say idiot and see my degree,

You say fag and I see how small your future can be.

You say I’m fat, I see you nowhere in on my pitch.

The words you vomit to hurt me, will never break me.

The red flag raises above you, I can tell your hurting through all the hate and shade.

But I will not reflect this upon you, I will just say you are wrong and I will stand up for others who aren’t as strong as me.

as I’ve built up my heart from the scar tissue from past pain, now I know that I am more than I was.

I paint my future only with love and light, your shade will not darken my path.

I stand firm on my beliefs, as I know I can not fake my foresight life.

God will love me for who I am, though I do not know the finished me.

But I know, I’m not stupid, I’m not degraded by your words.

I am fully free, caring and passionate as this world will let me be.


Keep Smiling,