Can you smell that fresh blood dripping down the walls,

you can still hear the ringing of their angry calls.

Their hatred killed the pure oxygen from the room, nothing pure about this.

In a ball, on the floor crushed with the hand of uneducated minds, there the body lays with no movement of hope.

now the sirens grow with every second the footsteps of the users have disappeared into hiding.

a teddy bear now soaks up the blood the floor what was cream is now a Man Utd fan,

i can remember the first touch of their hand, I could hold you in one palm. your eyes piercing blue looking at me like I knew everything in the world.

Now just slits of skin cover your piercing eyes, no movement is coming from your life.

The sweat-filled hate has tainted this room, where I taught you to tie your shoes.

My life is broken as I lay my hand on you cracked body peeled of life.

no tears form but pictures repeat in my mind. how they called you so many different names, they repeated to take all of your light and place you in darkness now.

I remember the day you were born and the first time you cried, I remember your first word and your biggest lie.

Now I’ll never hear you speak or breath again, this was taken by the uneducated men,

and I have seen them in the bars around town, I’ve seen them post hate and darkness for others to see. I’ve now seen them take the biggest part of me.

When they stood up there in their suits, they said God doesn’t like you or your kind, that they were only carrying out God’s will.

Well I’ve read the book and it said thou shall not kill, your just scared of what you can not understand, that is why you raise your hand, you can not use your words to discuss how we all are different and that is okay, Really does not matter about skin colour or if you gay. We all are created to be ourselves sharing this amazing world we call our home.

It takes a village to raise one child but it only takes one voice to save a village.

Where would you like to be standing, in that room or a classroom?

Educate those who need help to understand light and love is the only way to beat darkness and hate.

Keep smiling,