I’m looking for answers.

Can you help me?

Why is the earth spinning?

Why can I not do ballet?

How is the world not flat?

How come I have to be so fat?

Questions are everywhere, everywhere.

Do you know the way?

To get out of here, get out of here?

Siri has given up on me, closed the shop but I know his favourites colours green ISH!

Alexa told me “just stop” as I asked her how do I cut my green foot print.

Questions are everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

My Mum told me to read a book, when I asked about the gases on Mars.

My Dad just tells me a joke about this bloke, called Dave. I asked him why do I need to shave?!

Why do I need to shave?

Questions they fill up in me, answers seem be a mystery.

The question you want to ask, what am I on about?

Or what are you shaving? and who is Dave?


Just making space in my head with my random writing.

Questions, So many questions.