Walk with me through this fire, you know honey I’m sweeter with you.

Take my hand and let’s dance through this day together, with soul music moving our feet.

Because I’ve got you babe in ways I never knew existed, joined with a ring punching above with you babe.

breaking through the doomy clouds with you singing in more than the rain.

sweet like the candy floss you crave in the middle of the night, once more into the mist my best friend.

set fire to the negative looks and under breath comments.

Dance with me once more with the passion of the gods that came before.

Until we meet again, I know when I lay this night in my dreams I shall see you again.

Until then Dance with the fire of unstoppable love sealed with a kiss goodnight,

Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight.


Keep smiling



For all the romantic people left in the world. May you find the one who is willing to dance through the fire just to kiss you goodnight. x3rdx