Interlocking arms sharing warmth walking down to the dessert van parked a few blocks away. I split my thoughts to the last time I felt this complete, our feet shuffle on the unlevelled stones. The snow starts to flutter down onto our journey ahead, a comment on how cold it is leaves your lips. I wander away from the frozen conversation. I smile and look down at my snow tipped shoes. I raise my glance and there stands in front of me the last happiness I felt. Your eyes lit the whole street with sparks, then the memories of how you made me happy flushed through my mind. I glance at my arm where you have grasps tighter with claws holding me to you. Are you scared of my past and past feelings I feel, I mean felt. Maybe the claws are my way of holding on to this moment having selfish happiness. You act guarded stepping closer to us, a sheep smile and a blank hello. Simple greetings and simple conversation to leave the situation we all find ourselves in. My steps carry on forward with you, but behind me, you walk with a handful of my heartbeams. Do I turn back to you or try to walk on again?