A quick coffee and one swipe lead me to this

two quick years flew by

a house, car and now a baby to grow

I vowed to spend all my love to grow our family.

as I start driving there is a gasp with a reaching hand.

your eyes fall to the ground and a yelp enters the car.

I guess the two years have lead us to here,

sweat drips down your soft skin.

panic sets in and the bag is already in the boot.

been ready for this moment ever since we shared that coffee.

Rushing to the lights, pull to the door and that when you hit the floor.

two minutes later I see tubes going down your mouth and now panic has changed to pain

the room is silent as the eyes start turning to me.

the flatline has me and no noise enters my ears all I hear is coffee machines

then a scream of life.

Two years you gave me so much love and now there is just the two of us.

Our own coffee bean snuggles into my chest while a white sheet covers you.

joy and pain, never alone again



Keep Smiling.