I’ve stumbled into the nettles, stung my hardest part.

I dip to my knees in the dirt below, I can see the imprint my body has made.

I could choose to finish my journey here and stay beneath the bushes,

Or I could choose to live and grow in the life I have been given.

do a transpirate to the next level of my future, with no true idea of who I am?

I see the cracks beneath me start to crumble with pieces of me falling to the bottom.

the light is a past memory, as I have been spellbound by the darkness in my path.

I turn back and back again, I feel the damp dirt roll over my skin, Then

I feel a spirit overcome my motivation, I reach and reach, I jump with purpose, I hope with all my might…

I feel the light on my skin, It sends the doubt of progress to the hole.

And I know, No matter how the hole can hold me down, The hole can never take me away.