I feel the darkness spreading and absorbing the light,


Family loss




All bring me worrying again. With worrying brings the pain. Anxiety again.

Let’s take the steps that have helped me in the past.

1st Accept this is how your feeling and that it is okay to feel this way. Acceptance is easy to say but the hardest to do. I never accepted it before and sometimes I am so stubborn to accept it as anxiety. I am not perfect at accepting it but now I go “oh I’m feeling anxious, that’s okay” acknowledging the feeling helps me to process why I feel this way.

2nd The why? It always comes down to worry with me. The small things to the big things. The list above is the top 5 things I worry about, it is not in order. The smaller things could pop up daily, like having to choose a restaurant, having to go somewhere new, meeting new people, anything where I could be judged. To manage I have come up with boxes in my head of the day, week, month, 6months and year. If I don’t need to worry about it today then I place the worry in a box and revisit it then. I then break the day task down. I know it sounds strange but it has helped me so much. I hardly have pain in my chest from anxiety, also I feel more comfortable in my environment wherever that may be.

3rd When it comes to other people, Does it really matter what they think about you? Only you have the power in your own path no one else if they don’t like you, then why waste your time on them. Care about people but not what they think.

Anyway, my worry tree is more like a worry box, I hope I may help one person by sharing this.

Even if it is just a thought about anxiety, job complete.

Keep Smiling.