After thinking more about my life and the journey I am on and have been on.

I am thankful on having such a loving mother who has taught me things in life no one could ever buy.

My Dad a man that took on a role in my life without question, showing love, an ear when needed and showed me how it felt to have two parents that supported me throughout everything.

In my sperm donor’s case in my life, with all the things he does wrong or things he never showed up for I am grateful. As I am stronger than he could ever be.

My big sister’s commitment to succeed after countless obstacles, made me fight more for what I deserved.

My big brother’s guidance, without that all them many nights shooting hoops which helped with my thoughts would have never happened.

My Second mum who is there and taught me there doesn’t have to be a blood bond to be family. The importance of family and God.

My Nieces and Nephews show me the possibilities of dreaming and how joy can be found in the smallest of things.

For the love that I could never ask for I have my partner who walks with me down this journey. Holds me up when I stumble, holds my hand through the water.

With all of these people with me, I know I can complete any goal in my journey.

My family is my survival kit.

Keep smiling, keep surviving.