So, today I got told my liver is on the verge of failing. I’m guessing all the fatty foods and alcohol in my younger years has taken its toll on my body. I’m not going to lie I am 100% fighting back the depressing feeling I have inside. A brave face is on, no tears yet as it isn’t the end. I’m not going to be over dramatic but still hurts. My worry boxes are full to the max and overflowing. My mother is coming across the country to stay a few days as she is worried. I’m unsure how I am going to cope with this. But what I know is I’m not giving up and I’m going to smile.

Here is a little something until I return –


Push down that feeling don’t show it away.

Can it be saved or is it too late in the day.

Hold close that loved one who sleeps tonight.

I promise this, I won’t give up the fight.

100 scenarios of what might happen to me.

in the words of Legends “let it be!”


Keep smiling.