Why do I have to change

just to please you

I’m not happy the way I am

But I’ll change in time everyone does

You can’t try to hurt me no more

I may hurt myself

But I refuse for you to hurt me

Stuff I may do, may sound silly

But I have done this to me

and now I’ll try to stop

when I look down the road

I can’t see past the now

And I won’t ever know

How my life would be

If I didn’t cut me

so don’t try bring me down

as i am already on the ground

so don’t try to change me

it’s something I will do eventually.

I wrote this in 2004 after I started hating myself and I harmed myself. This is not the end of my story as I grew stronger from the pain. Emotionally I have grown stronger and I am aware of the power I hold. I know more about myself and who I am due to the change I made on my perception of my self. I classed myself as worthless, no more though as I am priceless. Each of us has a purpose even if you cannot see it, you matter.

Keep Smiling.