They keep glaring and turning their backs when she approached to join.

Willing for acceptance from those who share Sunday school.

Whispers about how she was made, Rape, Incest, maybe a train.

Lies, all Lies she repeats in her head. Never standing her ground for the words they said.

Stones and pebbles are starting to fly. Catching them with her skin and one near the eye.

No sounds from her no tears are cried but run, run for the place where it is only thy

the stern teacher calling her name not a chance she would go in for that cane.

Hide in the bushes on the boundaries of the school, knees are cut from kneeling on the sharp gravel.

Each day the same until she was caught by her mother dear. Dear God could not have stopped that slipper slap the rear.

noxious moments filled the lamb’s life, all because of who the mother and father be

if wealth was in the home, not a sole would be making an insalubrious climate.

a farmer’s girl and a bastard rape baby born, not clever or smart.

Always a scared hiding heart, never trusting but only one. God was the only escape the only love she could see.

Praying for a life of love and that she received when a husband and children of three.

Grandchildren plenty and finally a voice of joy, singing so sweetly and always smiling with a chocolate in hand.

It’s never about how we are treated but how we treat those around us, It’s never about who brought you into the world but who loves you when you part.

Grandma, you’ll always have a piece of my heart.


When my Gran was younger she was bullied daily and she often hid from school. The stories of rape, incest and other horrid things about her birth spread through her village. Sadly she had this until she was 18, this is when she was told the truth. Her Mother and Father were actually her grandparents. Her sister was her Mum and a banker from London was her father. She met him once when she was younger and he bought her new clothes and toys. He never came back. I only ever saw a church loving grandma who would always be humming and singing. She cared so much for all of her family, she was a loving person who is missed greatly. It reminds me how people can be mean and how family does not always have to be blood. Finally to keep smiling no matter the pain.

Keep smiling.