YoU gonna look back?


I’m gonna focus on that little dot streaming through the darkness.

I can feel the bubbling water making me start to sink.

But there is nowhere to run, I can not drown.

My body isn’t working with my soul.

Only my eyes aren’t breaking that beam.

Violent pain streaks across my chest, my mind is made

YoU gonna give up?


Pressure tilts the air out of my lungs

My eyes flicker becoming water damaged

Still, I sharpen on the light that I long to be bathed in.

The darkest storm has taken my body away but

there is only one thing to do attach my soul to the beacon

giving myself to the hope

warmth starts to raise my body towards the light.

YoU gonna go to the light?

ToO right!



The darkest storm can often make us feel like giving up. But I held on to the slightest of joy and hope, then I started to break through the numbness in life. You are worth more than you know. Just keep going for the light that you have within you. Even if you cannot see it, it is there in your soul.

Keep smiling.