Waiting for your name to pop in my screen

sparks, sparks of emotion, I thought they were lost in the past

Caught in the arrogance I held when I was foolish.

Things I felt important then, now don’t mean much anymore.

I can’t tell you today that I’m tired being alone.

wrong to walk away from the person I was meant to be,

trapped in the person everyone needs and sees

Torn being their person and the one twirling inside.

Hide feelings Hide, words I keep Typing and having to delete

Knowing you are out there without me to support or hold

I feel the pain I caused you I saw it in your eyes, I hear it in your voice

I lost any rights as I walked out that door, rolled into another’s bed.

Questioning the vows I made to another, I still feel the words you said.

this lifetime of vows I cannot remove, committed to another but my soul is flown

My soul left me and my mistakes long before I could make a vow.

It’s searching tired but looking to find’s it’s home, home has always been with you.

Though our skin can never touch again, soul please make it home.

When our souls meet long after my skin has been changed

hope for acceptance when they greet

until then I pray my love was enough to fill the hearts I care for lifetimes to come.