I will always remember that long drive towards the moors.

The late-night chat room not knowing who is truly who

nerves tingling and my hands start gripping the wheel tighter and tighter

what if this is the moment that will complete my soul and stop the unkind thoughts from the past?

How the moment I parked my car felt like a thousand lights shined upon me

A pressure in my heart and my breathing became forced

waiting for you to walk my way.

beaming smile hits me down

in that moment too much love filled my misfit heart and scorched mind

the panic set in my body how could this one person change my own view on how my life should be?

I walked into their home and instantly belonged.



At that moment I wish I knew then that I would regret the feeling of walking away from a chance

chance that I could never forgive myself for hurting that beautiful soul.


Keep smiling