I’m blessed in your eyes

I have a roof over me and I have love from those that count.

Yaass Queen!


I cannot be blessed if my fellow humans are being taught hate.

I cannot see beauty in the pain of the murdered family.

I see fake emotions praised and rewarded.

I see hidden privacy that is ignored.

My eyes capture the untrue acceptance of others.

Open that heart I see why this is the way.

Fear, not knowing that truth of if it is “right”

Not being accepted yourself for disagreeing

Being judged by others who have this “power”

Power is not something one person can hold or use.

This energy is negative, I do not judge you for your soul is your own.

Society has twisted facts and rules to suit it’s own agenda.

Rules made up to support those who believe to have the power.

I am free in some ways, I am trapped in others.

I choose to educate instead of use aggression.

I choose to live instead of looking for acceptance.

We all have a truth, a truth not bound by creed, colour or religion.

I choose to be pro-choice and refuse to let society Tell me this is right.

People being killed by others – That is not right.

Telling people who they can love – That is not right.

Treating people different because they are not from where you are – That is not right.

Telling people what religion to belong to – That is not right.

Choosing to ignore those in need – That is not right.

Be the change and say That is not right…


Look at the news, Human rights have lost it’s meaning. This fake power in those who have chance to change the world and society are failing. Everyone has the rights to live free from orders. You must love this type of person, You must have this religion, You must not question me.