I’ve been off work now for 3 months due to my pain. Safe to say I am mentally bored. Days are longer and shorter, not sure how. I’m failing to be a good wife by not being able to help around the house due to the pain. The pain is increasing each week, seems to be getting closer to my lungs now. NHS is doing the best to hurry all my scans and x-rays but in the eyes of a person who is in horrid severe pain, it is not enough.  I can’t write due to having strong pain killers knocking my brain out of wack.

The stronger pain killers the stronger I remain in hope. As I am not finished with this life. I have to keep going and fighting to be pain-free. Just hope they find something wrong with me. Thought I’d give you all an update. I have been writing but I’m posting them back to the date I wrote them. I am having to double-check things as I don’t want the drugs making my writing lose my soul.

Keep smiling everyone and thank you for the ongoing support.