You can’t feel things anymore,

that ring on your finger means the feelings have to leave you alone.

Now feelings can not happen again.

Disappointed jumping all around, the feelings pull on the strings in my heart

No this can’t continue, I took a vow and I mean to always keep it

Every time I look at you, I see the family we could be if I was in the right place

Walking out on the feelings I had before, time that I neglected our hearts

Doubtful opinions about how you feel kept me from contacting you.

There go our chance, Boom.

Just in a picture I never expected to see, Brought all the chances back to me.

I check my hand more and more now, look at the ring sparkling down.

Still, I hold regret in the choices I never made, was the wrong path laid.

Thinking of pain that I gave you, I never want that chance to feed more pain.

Messages keep filling my veins with more feelings and words, words that can never be said cling to my fingertips.

Feelings hanging on, hopeful for a breakthrough in being told

The ring forces them back inside as they will only cause more pain.

You can’t act on emotions that can break a vow.

But I vow to make it right and bring you no pain,

I’m just gonna need time to work out how.

How am I gonna keep these vows?



Keep smiling.