sinking down sore to the emptied out space below

pulsing pushing more of the light away with no hope

sway a little to comfort the loss from within

who knows how many pieces are left to go,

who knows if these pieces will grow.

crisp fresh skin, eclipsing the soakedful dark

stinging blood pours down the opened door

sway, sway again let the comfort in before you reach the floor.

who knows where this will end or if it will

who knows if the darkness will flow or if the light will

who knows?, who knows.


Keep smiling.

We often breakdown pieces every time, it is often too painful to speak about it.

We don’t know if we will come back from the darkness in the corners of our lives or if there will ever be happiness again felt.

But who knows? No one truly knows. But I keep continuing to fight to keep the light in.