This has taken a while to write…

One birthday weekend, my partner in crime got me tickets to Paris.

Excited and knowing a little French I was up for it so much.

We boarded the plane with full glasses of red wine smiling wide.

We landed called a taxi and off we go to the hotel.

I was buzzing to see the tower, cathedral and most of all the Louvre and the amazing art inside.

We went into the hotel, friendly French man (wiggle your leg here, inside joke) welcomed us. “I’m sorry about the bombings,” he says as we book in.

We just continue to our room, turning the T.V on and Jesus…

bombing and shootings and we are three streets away… Thoughts start to go every where.

We lock our door, I cover it we a chair and sit watching the news and connect to the WiFi straight away.

Ping, Ping, Ping etc. Friends and Family sending messages to check on us.

Friends scared for us and our safety, at that moment I now know I am truly loved,

I hardly slept that night hearing shots, sirens and snoring from the ball and chain (LOML)

We woke and decided to carry on exploring Paris and not let hate win or stop us.

Everywhere was closed but we explored and spoke of many things… it was this holiday when I knew I would marry this person.

I tried frogs legs and snails, snails are lovely.

Frogs legs are like water filled chicken wings.

The trip ended with a unfinished adventure and I will return.

But the adventure spoke to my heart and I know why I chose this person to be my lobster.

The adventure was very scary but it was filled with love.