I apologize for the long winded post. Maybe My longest EVER!!!

Often I searched my wonderland to find who I am.

Many magical moments make me. No poem or writing on this post (SHOCK HORROR)

But memories and moments that are part of me.

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Love is very important part of who I am. From a young age my grandmothers taught me to love everyone as God would. My mother who is not as religious as the grandparent raised me to respect everyone and her caring nature has rubbed off on to me. Love for my family and close friends means more to me than material things.

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My teams, I love sports and I am passionate about the teams I support. I’ve only ever seen one of my teams play which makes me sad but the fact a plane ticket to the USA is SO much money then hotels and tickets to the games on top of that. I just can not afford that but I follow and support them til the end. My teams LEEDS UTD for football (soccer for the non British hehe) a team that most of my family support. NEW YORK KNICKS for Basketball because of the film Eddie with Whoopi Goldberg in, then I looked into them most and that was it. Finally my RAVENS!!!! BALTIMORE RAVENS for American Football because after watching my first game when I was 15 seeing the ravens fans treat the players with so much love and respect after a defeat made me fall in love with the team.

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3rd try

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This is me scoring my 3rd ever try at rugby. Since I can remember I’ve loved being active, cycling, walking and playing all kinds of sports. The natural feeling can never be beaten, I’ve never cared for winning but that feeling that bubbles inside. I am working so hard at the moment I’ve not played much lately but roll on September.

engagement ring

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This is the biggest part of my soul. In August I hope to get married to my soulmate, who has the biggest heart I know. From the first conversation I knew that this connection was going to change my world. I just wish we could have the wedding we planned for, but the main reason we are getting married despite the hard financial times in to join our souls forever and have my father walk me down the aisle.

Fill every adventure with love.

Sorry for the long one, I hope you can feel like you know parts of me now.

Thank you for reading

Keep Smiling


If you fancy helping with the wedding fund please go to the link below.