So I thought being a teacher would not halt the writing I did in the night time and weekend.

Was I right or wrong only time will tell.

My ideas and characters have become more clear but the lack of time from having to mark books, do more planning due to the school’s new policy to check up on teachers leave me with less time to write.

This lack of time will not stop me getting this book done and I might even be brave enough to upload to itunes or even send it to a publisher.

I may upload a page or two on here for those who are interested.

I’ve now taken to writing in my note book when not having battery on my phone.

Then my notes on my phone have a few chapters on, so does my ipad.

Then my laptop in full of writing too.

When a free weekend comes along next and the ball and chain is away with work I’m gonna merge my mini masterpieces (laughable word for my work) together.

Most of the book is all done just three chapters missing towards the end.

Anyway, more problems to follow.

Keep Smiling