So, I’ve growth my family tree as much as I can every day.

I look into where my family has gone, how many lives were lost in War.

where people were born, lived and lost.

From Lords and Lady’s to paupers.

How names have changed and names past down to their children.


As a woman, I’ve never been whole. PCOS has seen this incomplete person be me.

If you met me, you would know my family means the most to me.

I’ve always dreamt of my own family a couple of children to call my own.

It’s becoming clear now my children won’t hold my blood, which hurts with a tear-filled emotion.

But my child no matter the blood in them will be raised with love and adventure.

My fear of d.s.p will never win as my heirs will be many and my family tree will continue.

Blood doesn’t always make your family.


Keep Smiling