Light is fiction to my bottomless heart,

son of the darkness giggles at my affliction.

can you hear that silence in the pitch coal night

wrinkles of skin surround the jagged nose

the footsteps of a legless demon torment the drums

plagued thought of stalking eyes following the steps

flashing of neon awakens the realness of this journey…

fear overtook the mind, bringing the anxiety to the zenith of being

look closer to the surrounds and you will see not all is dark



This is for the dark thoughts of negative that sometimes take hold of me and raise me to think of many bad things. How people who are laughing are definitely laughing at me, even though they are not. How I am walking alone in the night time with no light even though there is light all around me. How I think someone is following me to take me away. How everyone is only looking at me. These thoughts only bring me down a feed my anxiety, it is so hard to accept anxiety at times. Not perfect at dealing with it but I cannot let fear win.

Keep smiling.