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Lurking behind the bend can you tell my fate.

The sun may be the false blanket of security that it will be fine.

Treats of the beaming sun, warming my face.

or tricks of deception that cause horror and fear.

One step closer to the bridge that hidden the bend of fate.

Keep your wits about you, and all will be fine.

But what if a mask appears, hiding their face.

or a group of they push me in the water that I fear.

STOP those dark thoughts, enough, enough, enough, right

Okay Fine

Face the bend of the unknown ahead

Fear not the fate of your life

Fate will happen fear or not

This was inspired from a walk I took by a canal  (Liverpool to Leeds) not far from my home. I was alone and sometimes I let the fear spoil my walk. You can not let fear stop you from living.

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Keep Smiling