red bricks salty to the touch

eyes glaze amazed at the height of the home we live

wrapped in a bubble of love and laughter.

Oh build my children a home like this.

Adventure awaits…

No missing hug or thought went homeless with us

Warmth in the winter making angels in the back

building a tree house in the big apple trees.

climbing over walls for the many balls that flew by.

So many memories hidden in the garden

burnt food as we were busy dreaming away.

we made forts from sheets old than we.

pegs and rulers to support the castle we own.

Oh, the beauty we saw in our young eyes.

Creating a world that couldn’t hurt us.

Take me back to the red house made from love

now the hourglass has turned and the house is the only one left.

Take me back to make that red-bricked building a home.



Keep smiling.


Childhood memories of growing up around love and adventure. So many adventure that have made my heart glow.