I spent years singing into a golf club wishing it a microphone.

I planned my wedding having eight children before I was 35.

I hear the joy in my voice as I sing my own song.

Now them dreams have flipped and I see how they could never come true.

I chased down heart after heart hoping love back would be given.

Never realising the fact some hearts can never be true.

I shared a song once to the love of my life, the reaction cost me my heart and I’ve never sung again.

I’ve not reached 35 but I know I will without a child of my own.

That is just part of my body that I will never be able to change.

So I dream, dream away other things I can say, it’s been hard to dream successfully.

To write my songs and other things and share it to the world without a doubt in my passion.

I dream to be kind, dream to love beyond my means.



Keep Smiling.