I wish I took more photographs of those that have past.

I slip in and out of memories of you, I regret the time I didn’t spend with you.

Our last conversations cut deeper into my soul and I rethink each word.

Selfishly I want more time but time is the only thing we can not get more of.

Family meetups are not the same without laughed filling the room from you.

we lost a piece of us when you left us here.

That will come back to us when we meet again, joy fills our words when we speak of the memories.

Still, we all wish for more time for our memories.



It’s never easy to lose a piece of your heart when a person is no longer on this earth. You want more time all the time is never enough. I refuse to be down about you not being here but I do miss those we lost. But now they aren’t in pain and they will live on within all of us.

For my Uncle, Auntie, Godparents and Grandparents. Next time I see you, you’ll be flying.

Keep Smiling.